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event-hotspot binary news:

the latest news in high speed binary for your digital pleasure.......

1001101101001011001001010iphone11010011101 10110011000111010111010100101001101 0110010110110100101001011010010110 010010jordan1011010 011101101100110010110010 11011010010100101101001011001 0010101101001110110110david-beckham11001011001011 0110 10010100101posh1010010110010010101101 001110110110011001011101001001001011 0101100101101101001010010101000001010101010101010011010010110 01001010110100111

0101010100101001010100100011011001100101100101101101 00101001011010010110010010 1011010011101101100110010110010110 11010The economy stupid!0101000110101010101000 1011010010110010010101101001110110110011 00101 10010110110100101001010100000010 01010100100101100100101011010011 10110 11001100101100101101101001010010110100101 10010010101110101010101010101010101010101001010011101101100110010110010110110100 10100101101010110010010101101001110110 1100computer110010 110010110110101000011010 010100mains-adaptor1100110100000101011010011 10110010010101101001110110110011 00101 10010110110010110101010011001001000010001011001010010110 100101100100101011010011 10110 11001don't have nightmares.


binary news: the real deal


OK here is the real deal, steal/gather some news,(headlines and a sentence or two) and convert it to binary and publish it here update regularly .............................could be a job for "arduino"


Grab lots of news, convert to binary, display 1's and 0's in a "display" of "blocks[square'ish array of blocks? --> ( "a display" ) on a page, but contrast colored or shaded or bold to "spell out" headlines

and stories or maybe even pictures (if enough). the blocks also show 1 or 0 within the overall "matrix" display

chose "football and motor sport" news or other prefs. flavor the news with whatever we do to the backgrounds of the individual binary display block

Scan the news for words, the kind of words that If you are reading (or just viewing) a document in a foreign language, appear in english," Microsoft", "computer", "CAT5"," NASSA". "Tony Blair"

Display in plain text in with the binary


And random add media tag lines, "and good night from him", "don't have nightmares" "etc" too.


Good news <--> Bad news slider con troll

Fantasy < -- > Reality slider

and news type / source selector.

Possibly wrapped up in a 1984 low quality big brother like screen display or antique TV (lo-fi again)





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