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my arduino home
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a testing server for personal web projects,


I've got several ideas I'd like to "web-lement",

ideas that need some thought, some code, and a place to live, eating grass in the sunshine for a while


a place i can make mistakes, that goes without saying


"my arduino" home is here,

I needed somewhere warm and sunny on the web for my arduino projects to ripen

a database server & a development area this and my other personal web projects


as a primary design rule all efforts will be made to ensure the maximum number of users with the widest range of browsers and/or browsing aids can view all content here (should they so wish) with the minimum of fuss, or inconvenience


I'm "aiming for" a fully interoperable web site, potentially accessible to all

because that is the way the web should be

full use is made of both w3c online markup/CSS code validation and online accessibility verification tools to assist with this.


a clearing house for my web ideas.